Scalable and flexible indoor growing environment that purifies water, generates green electricity and produces beyond organic, nutrient-dense proteins, vegetables, fruits and herbs to meet the water, power and food security needs of any community. One 55-acre Viridis Living System or Viridis Vegan Living System will produce enough clean water, green electricity and pristine food to sustain the health of 55,000 people while generating:

  • 500 employment opportunities
  • 50 million gallons of pure drinking water per day
  • 1000 MW of base-load green electricity 24/7
  • 8 million pounds of sushi-grade shrimp per year
  • 7 million pounds of sushi-grade fish per year
  • 170 varieties of “beyond organic” vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • 0 environmental toxins, waste, carbon or debt
  • !00% Sustainability

The water is clean, the power is green, and the food is pristine!