• The Global WealthShare Plan is a self-perpetuating philanthropic business, economic and social model that shares the profits generated from the operation of each Viridis Living System with the community in which it has its being.
  • The underlying premise of The Plan is that the sustainability of any system is a function of the organization of its parts. It does not matter whether the system is an organism, organ or organization……..the rule applies, and if an organization does not express sustainability the parts may be reorganized to achieve that outcome.
  • When considering our existing communities, businesses and industries we observe they are unsustainable, which has the effect of compromising personal wellness and distorting the creative potential of individuals, communities and environments; perpetuating a climate of fear, separation and scarcity.
  • Viridis Global utilizes The Plan to reorganize the critical relationships that exist between Community Members, Financial Stakeholders and the Business Units that are integral to implementing the Viridis Living System.
  • The Global WealthShare Plan enables communities to be self-perpetuating, evoking the natural state of freedom, belonging and abundance to flourish that allows each member to fulfill their innate potential.


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