Viridis Global began as Viridis Aquaponics; a high-yield aquaponic grower housed inside a repurposed thirty-year-old indoor rose-growing facility located on ten acres in Watsonville, California. By April of 2015, Viridis Aquaponics was poised to become a leading local, national and global provider of indoor, high volume, flavorful, organic and nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, herbs and aquatic proteins:

  • “PR Newswire & US Newswire reported from Washington, DC on March 16, 2015: The Global Sustainability Initiative (“GSI”), an innovative global impact investment project, joins the fight against climate change with the creation of a safe economic model for the sustainable production and consumption of food, water and energy in disadvantaged regions of the world with an initial focus on Sub-Saharan Africa…has already started to attract global partners to the GSC in Castelbar including: Viridis AquaPonics (U.S.) which is focused on certified organic food production through the use of AquaPonics and high tech methodologies.”
  • Major high technology company in Silicon Valley feeding 25,000 employees per day requests 100% of Viridis Aquaponics food production with a 35% increase in volume every year.
  • Viridis Aquaponics produce featured on menus at country clubs, fine restaurants and resorts throughout Santa Cruz County.
  • California Universities & State Schools explore partnerships with Viridis Aquaponics to provide sustainable food production models for their use and surrounding communities.
  • National Association of Colleges & Universities Food Services (NACUFS) and the University of California, Santa Cruz & San Jose State University host the 2015 Pacific Region Conference on March 26-28 at the Viridis Aquaponics location in Watsonville, California to learn about sustainable food production.
  • University of California campus signs agreement on June 2015 for Viridis Aquaponics to be sole-source provider of locally sourced organic food for 25,000 students.
  • Viridis Global established October 2015 to develop the Viridis Living System to fulfill the demand identified by the success of Viridis Aquaponics in accordance with the Global WealthShare Plan.
  • Viridis Global signs exclusive global Joint Venture Agreement November 2015 to utilize the proprietary Water Purification to Power and Waste to Power technology in an aquaponic environment, herein  referred to as the Viridis Living System and the Viridis Vegan Living System.